The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War

by George C. Blytas


Latest Announcements

On October 27, 2010 the book was presented in Atlanta. On October 29, 2010 it was presented in Chicago.

About the Book

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George Blytas’ book, The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War, provides a sweeping account of the role that Greece played in World War II. The surprising resistance and ferocious battles are described on the basis of official military records and the archives of the warring armies, and are corroborated by accounts provided by the men and women who lived through them. The author further illustrates the domino effect that ensued, providing the Allies with valuable time, and aborting the Axis’ plans in the Mediterranean, in Africa, in the Middle East and on the Eastern Front. His thorough portrayal provides an extensive look into the events that transpired, from the fateful meeting between Metaxas and Grazzi through the spirited resistance which developed during the Occupation and to the Liberation.