The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War

by George C. Blytas


Latest Announcements

On October 27, 2010 the book was presented in Atlanta. On October 29, 2010 it was presented in Chicago.

About the Author

Dr. George Blytas

George Blytas was born in Cairo, Egypt, where he graduated from the Greek Gymnasium while the Civil War was raging in Greece. He first pursued a career in music and was instrumental in establishing a branch of the National Conservatory of Greece in Cairo. Political events in Cairo and the Middle East during the mid-1950's prompted a mass exodus of European professionals, and a change in his career plans. In 1956 he joined the graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he obtained his doctorate in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 1961. Upon graduation, Dr. Blytas joined the research department of a major oil company for a distinguished 39-year career in California, the Netherlands and Texas. 

While working in the oil industry, he never gave up his love of music, and in 1973, he formed a small chamber group of amateur musicians, the Houston Sinfonietta, which by 1979 had evolved into an orchestra. In that year the orchestra incorporated as a non-profit organization called the Houston Sinfonietta. The orchestra, now in its 31st season, presented its first public concert on December 16, 1979, featuring Beethoven's Symphony No. 8, beginning a long tradition of bringing beautiful music free of charge to the Houston community.

Dr. Blytas has always been proud of his heritage, and remains quite active in the Greek community in Houston. In 1975, he founded The Hellenic Professional Society of Texas and was elected its first President. He firmly believes in the Society's goals of preserving and promoting Greek culture and heritage in America.

George Blytas was married to Cora Ann Severson in 1963, and has two children: Constantine and Christina Blytas-Stein.