The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War

by George C. Blytas


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On October 27, 2010 the book was presented in Atlanta. On October 29, 2010 it was presented in Chicago.

What is being said about The First Victory Greece in the Second World War

  • “…he has brought to this narrative a breadth, a depth, and a balance that is so often missing.”
    -Robin Higham, Professor Emeritus of Military History, Kansas State University
  • “Each year, new books appear in bookstores which chronicle the exploits of men, units, or governments during World War II.  Seldom do authors take on the immense task of telling the story of an entire nation’s efforts to defend their territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and democratic principles against the neighboring Axis.”
    -Ron Milam, Assistant Professor of History at Texas Tech University
  • “…an evocative yet dispassionately written account that should appeal to readers interested not only in modern Greek history, but also the history of the Second World War as it evolved in Europe and the Mediterranean during a very critical period of that conflict.”
    - Alexander Kitroeff, Associate Professor of History at Haverford College.
  • “The First Victory is a page turner, with all the excitement of a modern day thriller, written by an exceptional story teller. Yet, for all his strength as a story teller, it is Mr. Blytas's scholarship that most distinguishes The First Victory, Greece in the Second World War....”
    -Bill Buschel, Host/ Producer, Hellenic Public Radio/ COSMOS-FM, New York
  • “...Pick a movie or a book about Europe during World War II, and you will find American and British heroes side by side to win the day, with not a word about the contributions of the Greeks in that war. That is something Dr. George Blytas hopes to change with his important book, The First Victory, Greece in the Second World War.”
    -Betty Martin, Book review, The Examiner
  • “The First Victory, Greece in the Second World War, is an outstanding book. It is a most valuable contribution to the downplayed role of Greece in WWII, and to her belittled by post-war historians, though very substantial, contribution to the Allied victory.... I have the deepest admiration for its contents and for the way they are presented.”
    -Vice Admiral Sotirios Georgiadis , Greek Navy, retired
  • “ The First Victory is a must read for any student of Greek history or the Second World War....The narrative is not solely focused on the events in Greece, but covers those events as seen through the prism of the struggles in Greece. The costs and sacrifices of Greece are well documented and the implications and consequences carefully explained. Perhaps the greatest contribution of the book, is the well-thought out "what would have happened if Greece did not resist" scenario.”
    Joseph C. Keane, Hellenic Cultural Commission Chairman, THE AHEPAN
  • “ Blytas' narrative conveys an immediacy and suspence more typical of a historical novel than of a work of history....By keeping track of what the various leaders in WWII thought at any given time and observing the results of their decisions in the political and military arena...Blytas writes a story that reads well. To quote the author "reality is often more interesting than any fiction can be"”
    Vassili Tzaferis, ATHENSPLUS
  • “ Blytas' history is multifaceted. His detail of the military movements of the front is meticulous, as he provides a near day-by-day account of the often hand-to-hand battles for the hills and towns of southern Albania, or northern Epirus....The complex diplomatic manoeuverings that went on in the background are also mapped, which helps explain why Greece was so important strategically for the Axis and the Allies....Blytas quotes from Adolf Hitler's testament: "Italy's entry into the war gave our enemies their first victories, a fact which enabled Churchill to revive the courage of his countrymen and gave hope to anglophiles the world over"”
    Damian Mac Con Uladh, ATHENS NEWS